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Gates of Infinity

29 May 1983
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I'm a general hobbyist. I have so many hobbies I typically don't have time for some of them for a long while.

My main hobby is writing. I've been writing original stories since I was little (well ever since I could really write). And I rather enjoy my writing, even if its for myself. I share what I share and I hope those that I share people can enjoy, but if they don't, it's okay with me.

I like to draw my original characters even though I'm not really that good. If I were better I'd draw manga of my stories. :/ ..but I'm not that good.

And my other major awesome hobby: Cosplay. Cosplay is enjoyable though costly and time-consuming. Being a person who enjoys being lost in fantasy, cosplay is a great way to pretend to be something I'm not. Making the costumes are fun, too. :)