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(Original) Hopes and Plannings
LM 4-winged Angel
Hello!  I'm back with my ramblings on my original works once again.  This time with somewhat of a blurb on my so-called plans for a specific story I've been rewriting.  I mentioned before in my last post that I was hoping to expand and rewrite my original story called "Everlast".  I am still currently working on it and though I had a couple of days of writer's block, I managed to figure out my way around the part that was keeping me from continuing.

You see I usually have a bad habit of writing stories out of order and thus they can get jumbled and out of order or just make no sense in certain spots so during this re-write and expansion I told myself that I wasn't going to skip chapters to keep writing (even though it was just one part of the chapter that was hanging me up).  Anyway, the deal is done, the way to write it has been put down and I need to only fill in a tiny gap and clarify some minor detail before the big problem that had been keeping me from continuing.  One I will do before concluding the conflict that is occurring in the chapter at the time.

I think that was the final roadblock on my path to continuing and inevitably finishing my re-write of "Everlast".  I already have plans for the events in the next area, the path that leads them to the final location, the final battle, and the winding down of the tale..

It just amazes me how such a tiny thing of "how should this encounter start" hang up my entire progress but it did but I am glad that I am past that problem.

And it brings me to my plan.  My plan is to have "Everlast" completed by the end of May.  I had hoped to have it finished by the mid of may but health issues and the hang-up caused that to be a very short time frame.  I want time to make sure that the chapters get their detail, and then, after all is done, I read over it to proof it all.

After "Everlast" is completed. I really hope to move on to working on "Kurestone" and the re-write of my GMT.

"Kurestone" will need a heavy updated outline; and GMT ("Grand Master Terian" is what that means but the story may be renamed as the title makes more sense to the original original hand-written version than the version that is current much less the rewritten version that is inevitable),

So my next task will be a cross of progress but I will only do that because "Kurestone" is so very short; the shortest of the four main series.

Anyway, the future progress of Kurestone and GMT will rely on my completion of "Everlast" first, as I said, I hope to have done by the end of May.

After the story is completed, I still haven't decided if I chose to release it on Inkitt or elsewhere.  Part of it is already up on Inkitt but it is possible I may take the entirety down in favor for other means but that will depend on the after completion.

But for now, I have to work on the completion.  So that is all I suppose I can rant about at the moment in this blurb and I will get back to it. 

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