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LM 4-winged Angel
All posts from this point on will be cross-posted from Dreamwidth.  I am not abandoning my LJ, I am simply utilizing another means to post on this platform.  I have been in the need for organization on this LJ for quite a while and I have felt quite put-off by the task of doing so.  When I discovered that Dreamwidth was a thing and that I could use a feature to cross-post to LJ from that site, I felt happy that I could still be here but also feel un-pressured by bogged down history of randomness and disogranization that is part of my LJ history.

LJ still has a great deal of excellent features and Dreamwidth has a few bugs that I have noticed but I don't feel as if I need to comb through history and either re-tag, re-name, and delete entries.

It's not a good-bye, it's just assending for the sake of organization.


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