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LM 4-winged Angel
Welcome, all, to my new Dreamwidth account. I decided to create me this account for a breath of fresh air and organization as well from my old LiveJournal account. The LJ is still active and will employee the use of cross-posting, but I will make this my new home.

So, what is my intent here? Well, I will continue as I was on LJ, but hopefully at a higher frequency than I was on that site.

I am in high hopes and spirit that to focus my effort and time in working on some of my original works and will be posting the status of my efforts as well as links to some of my smaller off-works.

Most, if not all my story works will be posted utilizing various websites that allow the post of chapter based stories in order for better organization.

Other things I may talk about on this Journal would be video games, manga, anime, and cosplay.  However, unlike my LJ, I am trying to, as I have stated, be more organized than before and thus, I shall do my best to be a little less, how shall I say this... random.

Again, I welcome you to my page. :)


My Inkitt Page (Contains a few Original Stories)

My FictionPress Page (Contains a few Original Stories)

My YouTube Channel (Contains My Let's Plays of Various Games; Mainly Minecraft)


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