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[Game] Why I think Final Fantasy XV Chapter 13 ISN'T the worst. (Spoilers)
LM 4-winged Angel
Now, I will expalin how I stumbled upon this conundrom on the Internet.  I was wanting clarification on what the Villain explained his motive was.  I didn't quite understand everythind stated so I looked it up to see what he said exactly so I could further make sense of it to find the loathing of the chapter.

Why?  Because it was a backtracking maze of rooms and corridors in a tower and facility that led you to your objective whilst being alone and stripped of your usual powers..

How is this bad? I must ask.  Is having a very long dungeon in a Final Fantasy game a horrible concept?  If so, we should go back in time and patch you what this dungeon reminded me of: the infamous Shinra Tower.  Granted, it was more of a hodgepodge mix of FFVII's Shinra Tower mixed with FFVI's Magitec Factory, both mazes, and messes or their respective "governments".  In fact I received so much of Final Fantasy VI's vive from this game that I can't help but relate many aspects to this, from some of the facilities to the villian's interactivity.

Yes, from the moment I met Ardyn, I likened him to Kefka, so I was fully expecting to end up in a maze of Magitek.

Reallly, up until that point in the game, all the dungeons were mazes.  Why would one of the end game dungeons be any different especially that one.  I think people missed the point entirely.  It was a point of psychological warfare, meant to berate you down.  Ardyn plays you like an absolute fool the entire time.  Really he wants you to reach your objective but he wants to screw with you in the process and knows everything that is going on in that place.  First before getting there he makes sure you have a reason to explore more by splitting your party and uses this to taunt you on their safety the entire time.  And as  you lurk through the facility you eventually come across a generator that has to be powered on and he intentially makes sure that you fall down the shaft at that particual location.  Why?  So you can encounter Ravus's corpse and find your father's sword.

Even after gathering your friends you're forced to see the horror of this plauge (if you read all the notes throughout the place) in Ravus being turned deamon and then later come across a horde of deamons that later again seperate you from your friends.  It's a resolve that its you mission.  One that you have to do this; not them...that they cannot help you, and you're off to your final objective: the Crystal, the top of the tower only to find out that you make the crystal go dark when getting its power and allowing the world to plummit into darkness.  GG.

Esentially, Ardyn leads you though and allows you through a traumatizing location; and guides your friends through as well in order for what?  His own purpose.  Not for you but for him; at least in his eyes.  And with that, he just leaves, knowing the world is in darkness now.


But to reitterate, this is not the first maze-like dungeon in a FF game; If people raised hell about every long dungeon in FF, we wouldn't have the Great Glaciar, Shinra Tower, Magitek Factory, Floating Contient, Bahumut's Shrine, the Iifa Tree, and many many many more (Because really, the older games were worse than FFXV because at least FFXV guides you).  Safe to say there are lots of long dungeons but that doesn't make them bad or means they need to be changed.

After all, I made it through Chapter 13 just fine and didn't find it annoying at all.  I suppose I understood its intent.

Now from the moment of writing this, I fully haven't defeated the game, I in the final story chapter right before the final assault yet took a step to do side-questings before proceeding, but reading these comments on how "horrible" the chapter was, I just had to speak my mind as someone who has played so many FF games.