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[Random] Time, or Lack ThereOf
LM 4-winged Angel
Finally! I can update again.  I've been REALLy busy.  I've been trying to update at least once a week on this here LJ of mine, but I've bene incredibly busy so this is the first time I've had the energy since to do so.

I'm also getting back into my little routine in doing things again between all my hobbies.  Between gaming (MInecraft and stuff) and my other hobbies (writing) I'm getting my new time schedual set out to work with them.  In fact I just loaded up my "Everlast" works in the background on my PC.

This is the kind of time I mention when I state in regards to my patreon.  If I had time I could have more of a stable time, but alas, right now, it's still so random.  Oh well, I have a couple of days off this week to work on a few things.  I have to clean one day though (laundry and stuff) so I really only have one day to actually work on things.

I plan to play a few video games but I also plan to get through the re-write of Chapter 3 of Everlast this week.  I was hoping to have it already done by now but I haven't. :(.

I know I'm going to spend some of the day tomorrow playing Disgaea on the PC consdiering I'm recording it as I'm playing it; though I am hiting a point that I'll be in Item World so a lot of it will be on my time goofing off camera. ;D

Well, anyway, that's my random update on the lack of time.


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