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[Original] Grand Master Terian Incomplete Edition on Inkitt! Final part of Incomplete Edition!!!
LM 4-winged Angel
So I uploaded the final part that will be uplaoded under the "Incomplete Edition" title.  The remainder needs to go under re-write and formating.  However!  There is one way to access the next chapter to see where the story is going: support me on Patreon.  Help me find more time to work on my original works by supporting me..

As it is, time is preventing me from being able to focus on my original works as I am having to focus on paying bills.

Now, as of today, I will be editing my Patreon to be allowing a new bonus to supporters.  For anyone who is willing to support me for $4 or more a month will recieve acces to a Google Drive (Google account sign-up required as I will have to allow you access through this account).

But if you support me, you'll be granted access to the GMT chapter that follows the chapter that I uploaded last~ and quite possibly, I may upload the others as well if it seems I can't get the re-write as soon as I wish.  So you may be able to read to the end, even in what I consider is a mess.

Warning~ Some content I may uploade in the future in the GMT folders MAY be spoiler-tastic! as I will be uploading INFORMATION documents as well!.  So know what you're reading. :)

Anway, I hope you have enjoyed the raw form of Grand Master Terian that I have shared with you.  Once I finish with the re-write of Everlast, I hope to get right on the re-write of GMT or head right off into the world of Kurestone~<3  Until then~<3

Lady Multi//Silena B.
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