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All posts from this point on will be cross-posted from Dreamwidth.  I am not abandoning my LJ, I am simply utilizing another means to post on this platform.  I have been in the need for organization on this LJ for quite a while and I have felt quite put-off by the task of doing so.  When I discovered that Dreamwidth was a thing and that I could use a feature to cross-post to LJ from that site, I felt happy that I could still be here but also feel un-pressured by bogged down history of randomness and disogranization that is part of my LJ history.

LJ still has a great deal of excellent features and Dreamwidth has a few bugs that I have noticed but still...now I don't feel as if I need to comb through history and either re-tag, re-name, and delete entries.

It's not a good-bye, it's just assending for the sake of organization.

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(Original) Hopes and Plannings

Hello!  I'm back with my ramblings on my original works once again.  This time with somewhat of a blurb on my so-called plans for a specific story I've been rewriting.  I mentioned before in my last post that I was hoping to expand and rewrite my original story called "Everlast".  I am still currently working on it and though I had a couple of days of writer's block, I managed to figure out my way around the part that was keeping me from continuing.

You see I usually have a bad habit of writing stories out of order and thus they can get jumbled and out of order or just make no sense in certain spots so during this re-write and expansion I told myself that I wasn't going to skip chapters to keep writing (even though it was just one part of the chapter that was hanging me up).  Anyway, the deal is done, the way to write it has been put down and I need to only fill in a tiny gap and clarify some minor detail before the big problem that had been keeping me from continuing.  One I will do before concluding the conflict that is occurring in the chapter at the time.

I think that was the final roadblock on my path to continuing and inevitably finishing my re-write of "Everlast".  I already have plans for the events in the next area, the path that leads them to the final location, the final battle, and the winding down of the tale..

It just amazes me how such a tiny thing of "how should this encounter start" hang up my entire progress but it did but I am glad that I am past that problem.

And it brings me to my plan.  My plan is to have "Everlast" completed by the end of May.  I had hoped to have it finished by the mid of may but health issues and the hang-up caused that to be a very short time frame.  I want time to make sure that the chapters get their detail, and then, after all is done, I read over it to proof it all.

After "Everlast" is completed. I really hope to move on to working on "Kurestone" and the re-write of my GMT.

"Kurestone" will need a heavy updated outline; and GMT ("Grand Master Terian" is what that means but the story may be renamed as the title makes more sense to the original original hand-written version than the version that is current much less the rewritten version that is inevitable),

So my next task will be a cross of progress but I will only do that because "Kurestone" is so very short; the shortest of the four main series.

Anyway, the future progress of Kurestone and GMT will rely on my completion of "Everlast" first, as I said, I hope to have done by the end of May.

After the story is completed, I still haven't decided if I chose to release it on Inkitt or elsewhere.  Part of it is already up on Inkitt but it is possible I may take the entirety down in favor for other means but that will depend on the after completion.

But for now, I have to work on the completion.  So that is all I suppose I can rant about at the moment in this blurb and I will get back to it. 

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(Original) Expanding and Rewriting

I finally found a moment of focus.  I have been thinking for the past few days and finally settled back into my rhythm of working on my original works once again.  I found myself "lost" for quite a while, unsure of what direction I wanted to take in certain regards on various things, but I finally feel I have found my place again.

After all, as of  yesterday, I picked back up where I left off on my expansion and re-write of my original story "Everlast", one by which I have a couple of chapters poster on Inkitt.

It's amazing really, how I can take a paragraph that is but two sentences (probably 20 words) and expand it into a full paragraph of over 200 words and even further into a second paragraph.  This is the sort of depth I wanted in the first place but was always lacking.

Regardless, I feel happier with my direction now.  It took some serious thought about some things to come to this resolution to focus more on my stuff than to do random other things.

And I look forward to being able to see Everlast through to the end.

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(Game) Tales of Berseria DEMO

As of today, January 10th, 2017, the demo for the next installment for the Tales series became available for all.  I, as a Tales fan since ye-olde days since the release of Tales of Destiny on the original PlayStation both wanted to play it as well as did not want to play it.

I, however, did play it.

So what were my thoughts on the Demo?  As a Tales fan.

Well, it was disconcerting to have but a fragment of the story.  Confused by where it takes place and why they are there together. I have no love for the characters yet.  I don't feel for them; I don't feel connected; and that is one of the things that really drive me to a Tales game.  The demo really pushes part of that away for me.  Will such a disconnect change my purchase of it?  No, hardly. Neither will the fact that the had to edit a scene for the release in the United States due to censorship laws regarding depicting violence against children being different than that of Japan.

So yes, I still have the Collector's Edition still wholly pre-ordered and this brings me to the why I didn't want to play the Demo.  I am now anxious for it.  I want to know why they're together and what is going on.  Of course, I'm a Tales fan; I've seriously played all of them except for "Tales of the World: Reve Unita" which is sitting sealed in shrink-wrap on my shelf (if the 3DS was region free, I would have played this game as well).

Other thoughts on this tiny demo we were given was just seeing how much was pulled from the previous games.  I can see so much of the other games and their mechanics shadowed in Berseria.  I quite enjoy that fact.

Velvet, the main character, I feel fights almost exactly as Yuri (from Vesperia).  Made it easy for me to get used to her motions all the quicker.  Felt familiar yet different.

The mechanics of the game have improved since the Zestria from even the fragment we were given, but still, when I get the full game, I may still see some strangeness (walls in my face; had loads of that in Zestria).

The Skits were cute and I love the style they chose; I just hope that doesn't mean there are fewer skits in the game due to the animation style as apposed to body-shots or icons.

The Katz in a box; I feel they missed an opportunity to make the special chest be cardboard.  Cats love carboard boxes; Katz should too.  But that's just a humor point I feel they missed.

So all in all; I'm quite excited for the game to come out in a couple of weeks

As another note, I really wish Namco-Bandai of the US would see the potential of releasing the older titles for English speaking audiences.  Seeing they are using Steam for games as well, I wish the would get with the creators of Fan-translation patches for releases on Steam of their products. I do not understand why companies chose rather to C&D these fans than work with them for as little as a credit and maybe a free copy of the game.

Please note: if you chose to comment, please do not spoil the game if you have played it.  If any spoils get dropped comments will be disabled.
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(Original) My Original Stories

Considering I just opened my Dreamwidth account, I figured I would begin off by making a journal regarding my hobby: writing.  I have been writing original fiction or quite a long while.  One story of which has been around, and has been adjusted so many times, since I was but a child.

I think that is what I desire to discuss: my focus of my original fiction.  I occasionally do create one-offs, shorter stories, or just some random "other series (major)" as it is archived on my computer, but those are really just their own things.  I love them for what they are, but my energy has long since been focused on creating and honing my much larger, and inter-connected universe of stories.  The universe of stories which I refer to as my "Infinity Series". 

The reason it is called such is regarding some of the story plot so I cannot delve into its naming as it comes in so much later.  However, the Universe, as I call it, consists of 4 separate Universes.  It's confusing to explain without explaining why and giving away key information, but let's just say it's that: a Universe of Universes.

These Universes are my Major Series, my Infinity Series.  And that is what I have been focusing on for a while now.  I have actually been in a heavy re-write of one; planning the re-write of another; laying out the outline for the one that has been on the backburner; and re-working the outline for the largest of them all.

I feel like trying to focus on just one of them has been quite a hard task to achieve as fragments of one remind me of this part of the other and I end up filtering away to work on the other for a bit.  Sometimes I may get hung-up on just one tiny detail and I then go to another to find my way (as for why the re-write of the one has slowed).

Also, time, I want to poor all my time into just one of them and I feel overwhelmed with wanting to do more than I am able to do in that allotted time.

I just recently, for example, spent several hours creating a Microsoft Access Database of Character information.  Yes, one of the stories has just that many characters that I feel I needed a database to keep up with them.  The list is over 100 and it is far from completed at this point.  None of the other stories have quite that many characters; one of them really only revolves around 5 characters with mere mentions of background.  Its just the drastic differences of what is going on in those worlds.
...However, it was my crafting that Database, for example (bringing back to my point), that made me want to poor even more time into working with the series.  Time I just didn't have.

But, in reality, I don't feel pressured, even with that notion.  I love them, those stories, even in their unfinished states.

I suppose that's what matters; even though I would love to complete them all and share them with those that are interested.

Anyway, I really do hope to bring hopeful updates to this journal with status of my original works and what I'm working with at the moments.

As of right now, I can only regard you to what has already been disclosed.  If you would like to read some of the things I have released, I have included a few links below.

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Welcome, all, to my new Dreamwidth account. I decided to create me this account for a breath of fresh air and organization as well from my old LiveJournal account. The LJ is still active and will employee the use of cross-posting, but I will make this my new home.

So, what is my intent here? Well, I will continue as I was on LJ, but hopefully at a higher frequency than I was on that site.

I am in high hopes and spirit that to focus my effort and time in working on some of my original works and will be posting the status of my efforts as well as links to some of my smaller off-works.

Most, if not all my story works will be posted utilizing various websites that allow the post of chapter based stories in order for better organization.

Other things I may talk about on this Journal would be video games, manga, anime, and cosplay.  However, unlike my LJ, I am trying to, as I have stated, be more organized than before and thus, I shall do my best to be a little less, how shall I say this... random.

Again, I welcome you to my page. :)


My Inkitt Page (Contains a few Original Stories)

My FictionPress Page (Contains a few Original Stories)

My YouTube Channel (Contains My Let's Plays of Various Games; Mainly Minecraft)

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[Game] Why I think Final Fantasy XV Chapter 13 ISN'T the worst. (Spoilers)

Now, I will expalin how I stumbled upon this conundrom on the Internet.  I was wanting clarification on what the Villain explained his motive was.  I didn't quite understand everythind stated so I looked it up to see what he said exactly so I could further make sense of it to find the loathing of the chapter.

Collapse )

Now from the moment of writing this, I fully haven't defeated the game, I in the final story chapter right before the final assault yet took a step to do side-questings before proceeding, but reading these comments on how "horrible" the chapter was, I just had to speak my mind as someone who has played so many FF games.
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Some Manga Up for Sale on Ebay~

I listed quite a few Manga over on Ebay including some more collectable bits, several yaoi/BL manga, and a couple of single issues of series.

There is also a few Naruto doujinshi up as well.

I give a discount, as mentioned on Manga items on each item when you purchase multiple if anyone is interested in multiple items as I take that in account for the shipping since I include shipping in the Buy-it-Now Price.  Items have all been kept in a smoke free house and in the condition in which I purchased them (I'm very OCD with my collectables).

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[Random] Time, or Lack ThereOf

Finally! I can update again.  I've been REALLy busy.  I've been trying to update at least once a week on this here LJ of mine, but I've bene incredibly busy so this is the first time I've had the energy since to do so.

I'm also getting back into my little routine in doing things again between all my hobbies.  Between gaming (MInecraft and stuff) and my other hobbies (writing) I'm getting my new time schedual set out to work with them.  In fact I just loaded up my "Everlast" works in the background on my PC.

This is the kind of time I mention when I state in regards to my patreon.  If I had time I could have more of a stable time, but alas, right now, it's still so random.  Oh well, I have a couple of days off this week to work on a few things.  I have to clean one day though (laundry and stuff) so I really only have one day to actually work on things.

I plan to play a few video games but I also plan to get through the re-write of Chapter 3 of Everlast this week.  I was hoping to have it already done by now but I haven't. :(.

I know I'm going to spend some of the day tomorrow playing Disgaea on the PC consdiering I'm recording it as I'm playing it; though I am hiting a point that I'll be in Item World so a lot of it will be on my time goofing off camera. ;D

Well, anyway, that's my random update on the lack of time.
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[Original] Grand Master Terian Incomplete Edition on Inkitt! Final part of Incomplete Edition!!!

So I uploaded the final part that will be uplaoded under the "Incomplete Edition" title.  The remainder needs to go under re-write and formating.  However!  There is one way to access the next chapter to see where the story is going: support me on Patreon.  Help me find more time to work on my original works by supporting me..

As it is, time is preventing me from being able to focus on my original works as I am having to focus on paying bills.

Now, as of today, I will be editing my Patreon to be allowing a new bonus to supporters.  For anyone who is willing to support me for $4 or more a month will recieve acces to a Google Drive (Google account sign-up required as I will have to allow you access through this account).

But if you support me, you'll be granted access to the GMT chapter that follows the chapter that I uploaded last~ and quite possibly, I may upload the others as well if it seems I can't get the re-write as soon as I wish.  So you may be able to read to the end, even in what I consider is a mess.

Warning~ Some content I may uploade in the future in the GMT folders MAY be spoiler-tastic! as I will be uploading INFORMATION documents as well!.  So know what you're reading. :)

Anway, I hope you have enjoyed the raw form of Grand Master Terian that I have shared with you.  Once I finish with the re-write of Everlast, I hope to get right on the re-write of GMT or head right off into the world of Kurestone~<3  Until then~<3

Lady Multi//Silena B.
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