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(Game) Tales of Berseria DEMO
LM 4-winged Angel
As of today, January 10th, 2017, the demo for the next installment for the Tales series became available for all.  I, as a Tales fan since ye-olde days since the release of Tales of Destiny on the original PlayStation both wanted to play it as well as did not want to play it.

I, however, did play it.

So what were my thoughts on the Demo?  As a Tales fan.

Well, it was disconcerting to have but a fragment of the story.  Confused by where it takes place and why they are there together. I have no love for the characters yet.  I don't feel for them; I don't feel connected; and that is one of the things that really drive me to a Tales game.  The demo really pushes part of that away for me.  Will such a disconnect change my purchase of it?  No, hardly. Neither will the fact that the had to edit a scene for the release in the United States due to censorship laws regarding depicting violence against children being different than that of Japan.

So yes, I still have the Collector's Edition still wholly pre-ordered and this brings me to the why I didn't want to play the Demo.  I am now anxious for it.  I want to know why they're together and what is going on.  Of course, I'm a Tales fan; I've seriously played all of them except for "Tales of the World: Reve Unita" which is sitting sealed in shrink-wrap on my shelf (if the 3DS was region free, I would have played this game as well).

Other thoughts on this tiny demo we were given was just seeing how much was pulled from the previous games.  I can see so much of the other games and their mechanics shadowed in Berseria.  I quite enjoy that fact.

Velvet, the main character, I feel fights almost exactly as Yuri (from Vesperia).  Made it easy for me to get used to her motions all the quicker.  Felt familiar yet different.

The mechanics of the game have improved since the Zestria from even the fragment we were given, but still, when I get the full game, I may still see some strangeness (walls in my face; had loads of that in Zestria).

The Skits were cute and I love the style they chose; I just hope that doesn't mean there are fewer skits in the game due to the animation style as apposed to body-shots or icons.

The Katz in a box; I feel they missed an opportunity to make the special chest be cardboard.  Cats love carboard boxes; Katz should too.  But that's just a humor point I feel they missed.

So all in all; I'm quite excited for the game to come out in a couple of weeks

As another note, I really wish Namco-Bandai of the US would see the potential of releasing the older titles for English speaking audiences.  Seeing they are using Steam for games as well, I wish the would get with the creators of Fan-translation patches for releases on Steam of their products. I do not understand why companies chose rather to C&D these fans than work with them for as little as a credit and maybe a free copy of the game.

Please note: if you chose to comment, please do not spoil the game if you have played it.  If any spoils get dropped comments will be disabled.
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