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(Original) My Original Stories
LM 4-winged Angel
Considering I just opened my Dreamwidth account, I figured I would begin off by making a journal regarding my hobby: writing.  I have been writing original fiction or quite a long while.  One story of which has been around, and has been adjusted so many times, since I was but a child.

I think that is what I desire to discuss: my focus of my original fiction.  I occasionally do create one-offs, shorter stories, or just some random "other series (major)" as it is archived on my computer, but those are really just their own things.  I love them for what they are, but my energy has long since been focused on creating and honing my much larger, and inter-connected universe of stories.  The universe of stories which I refer to as my "Infinity Series". 

The reason it is called such is regarding some of the story plot so I cannot delve into its naming as it comes in so much later.  However, the Universe, as I call it, consists of 4 separate Universes.  It's confusing to explain without explaining why and giving away key information, but let's just say it's that: a Universe of Universes.

These Universes are my Major Series, my Infinity Series.  And that is what I have been focusing on for a while now.  I have actually been in a heavy re-write of one; planning the re-write of another; laying out the outline for the one that has been on the backburner; and re-working the outline for the largest of them all.

I feel like trying to focus on just one of them has been quite a hard task to achieve as fragments of one remind me of this part of the other and I end up filtering away to work on the other for a bit.  Sometimes I may get hung-up on just one tiny detail and I then go to another to find my way (as for why the re-write of the one has slowed).

Also, time, I want to poor all my time into just one of them and I feel overwhelmed with wanting to do more than I am able to do in that allotted time.

I just recently, for example, spent several hours creating a Microsoft Access Database of Character information.  Yes, one of the stories has just that many characters that I feel I needed a database to keep up with them.  The list is over 100 and it is far from completed at this point.  None of the other stories have quite that many characters; one of them really only revolves around 5 characters with mere mentions of background.  Its just the drastic differences of what is going on in those worlds.
...However, it was my crafting that Database, for example (bringing back to my point), that made me want to poor even more time into working with the series.  Time I just didn't have.

But, in reality, I don't feel pressured, even with that notion.  I love them, those stories, even in their unfinished states.

I suppose that's what matters; even though I would love to complete them all and share them with those that are interested.

Anyway, I really do hope to bring hopeful updates to this journal with status of my original works and what I'm working with at the moments.

As of right now, I can only regard you to what has already been disclosed.  If you would like to read some of the things I have released, I have included a few links below.

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